Hi Roger ,


 I wanted to write you a personal note and thank you for your help with my insurance claims.
I am so glad to have met you and to have the Protexplan. I WOULD REALLY BE IN A DIFFICULT POSITION IF I DID NOT HAVE This HEALTH INSURANCE. I am really thankful that we met and you got me signed up for this coverage it really saved me . I wanted to let you know that IMG has paid all my claims quickly and in full.  Considering all the expenses of both surgeries and rehab I have paid very little out of pocket over and above my deductible.  I would recommend this plan to anyone who qualifies for it.  You can count on my renewal and business for life. Having and agent like you for  customer service and help is greatly appreciated and helps tremendously when going through something like this.


Thanks again for all your support and friendship. 
Best regards truly,
Captain Jeff H
Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

To Whom it may Concern-
 I have been insured with International Medical Group (IMG) for approximately eight years, dealing with them through their Agent in Mexico, Mr. Roger Anthony.  During this time I have been extremely satisfied with the support I have received from them, especially when I became very ill three years ago and was being overcharged and threatened by the hospital I had been admitted to.
Throughout what was a very prolonged and difficult time IMG and Mr. Anthony gave me their full support and, thanks to them, a fair settlement was eventually reached between the two parties.
I strongly advise that all expats living in Mexico get medical insurance and would not hesitate to recommend that they obtain it through Protexcare.  I have always felt confident in Mr. Anthony’s ability to answer questions promptly and accurately and IMG should be proud that he is their representative here.


Anne K
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

I would like to introduce my insurance agent, Roger Anthony.  He has provided my insurance needs in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for over four years.  Mr. Anthony is extremely knowledgeable of his products and will help anyone make an informed decision regarding insurance coverage.  As circumstances change, he will offer new choices.  I appreciate having an agent that will answer his phone and be available when needed.
I had to have an emergency surgery in 2014.  Mr. Anthony made sure the pre- certification process was done immediately and even arrived at the hospital showing genuine compassion.  Two more surgeries had to be done within the next year and his professionalism was extremely commendable.  He was so reliable and loyal to me regarding payment to the hospital and surgeon on a timely manner. I would highly recommend Mr. Anthony to assist anyone with medical insurance decisions.

Sincerely,  Lana H.

Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

Well everyone purchases Insurance without ever hoping to use it, especially living in Mexico health care and coverage has always been a concern for my family and myself.

In March of 2015 my significant other went to the Hospital in Cabo San Lucas, MX with a 104 fever that she had for a few days, after being admitted Dr. Valasquez had a feeling it was an abscess in her liver and gave her a CT scan right away. As soon as she was admitted I called IMG to let them be aware of the situation with my wife to where they sent me the pre certification sheet. After the CT scan it was verified that there was an abscess and it was in between two portal veins, the hospital in Cabo started IV antibiotics hoping to reduce the size and drop the fever. On the 5th day of this in the morning they did another CT and it was not reduced and the fever had gone up the night before, they immediately decided they needed to drain the abscess but didn’t have the equipment to do so in Cabo and needed to be air evaded to either California or Mexico City. I called IMG and they asked to verify with the Dr’s who I just handed my phone to to verify and they also provided two Air Evac companies to the Insurance company with cost. IMG gave me the choice of where we wanted to go, we chose Mexico City and the immediately sent a guarantee of payment to the Air Evac Company and they said they would send one right away to the Hospital but the plane was there with an ambulance waiting within two hours to take us to the airport so I didn’t have time to deal with the Hospital I asked them if I paid on C.C if they would just reimburse me and they said no problem.

Arriving in Mexico City guarantee was already with the ambulance waiting to take us to the Hospital. IMG had already sent the Hospital an approval for everything with a guarantee of payment and while Cabo Hospital had sent all files they were waiting and ready to go, checked in that night and had it drained at 7am the fallowing morning. The process and the staff in Mexico City was amazing, they kept us in the hospital for 3 additional nights to monitor then that morning did a CT to make sure it was still collapsed all looked good and it was time for check out. Sent all the final docs to IMG they were all good with everything but the Hospital in Mexico City didn’t have an agreement with IMG so would take the Guarantee of payment, threw out this whole process I was in touch with the nurse whom I’m guessing approves things and what not, she was amazing threw out all of this, she said ok we will wire the money today then Hospital still wasn’t good with that, I just wanted out because we needed to stay in Mexico City for an additional three days at a hotel to come in for fallow ups. I asked IMG if I paid would they wire to me right away and it was no problem. God bless my wife was fine on the 3rd day we booked up and flew home.

I have good coverage with IMG so my daily indemnity covered my deductible, they wired all the money back right away and in addition covered my hotel in Mexico City and flight back. Amazing overall experience for a horrible situation.

Roger was with me every step of the way along with his direct IMG contact, even with the Hospital payment problem in Mexico City they were with me every step and had my wife’s health as their number one concern.

I couldn’t say enough positive things with a horrible situation.


Kris S

Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

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