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Travel Insurance or Expat Medical Cover?

by Alex Routh   The last article about non-admitted medical insurance policies generated questions about travel versus medical insurance, and the appropriate choice.   Let’s define travel cover: Travel insurance is usually for short intervals but some policies from Australia I’ve seen can be for up to 3 years. Travel insurance covers accidents and emergencies only,

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Admitted Health Insurance?

By Alex Routh   Almost all insurance policies are admitted. That means companies are licensed and registered in the place where they sell policies. For example, if you buy car insurance for a Mexican car, you would have to buy it from a Mexican car insurer. You couldn’t buy it from an American provider.   Almost

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Underwriting Pre-existing Medical Conditions

By Alex Routh   Pre-existing medical conditions are always problematic for people wanting medical insurance. Just like buying car insurance, you have to buy the car insurance before you have the car accident, otherwise nobody would buy car insurance before they had an crash! There are 2 methods of underwriting and approaching this problem that medical

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SCUBA Diving and Insurance

  Scuba diving with compressed air is something that many people do when they are on holiday and Cabo Pulmo has the only coral reef on the Baja Peninsula. I dove there in December and it is worth a visit. The unique feature I saw there missing from many reefs around the world was the

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The U.S. Department of State Advises…

More and more older U.S. citizens are traveling abroad. The U.S. Department of State’s website has a lot of useful information for older citizens moving or just traveling abroad. If you are planning on relocating overseas, you might want to review their webpage on retiring abroad. Here is a list of things that is recommended that you think about prior to your travels:  

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Insurance Ombudsman

  The UK Insurance Ombudsman was created in 2001 by the Financial Services Act in order to settle disputes between insurers and clients. Other countries like Australia and New Zealand also have Insurance Ombudsman offices. The types of disputes that come up most often in the UK related to Travel/ International Health insurance policies were

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What our clients say

I have been insured with International Medical Group (IMG) for approximately eight years, dealing with them through their Agent in Mexico, Mr. Roger Anthony. During this time I have been extremely satisfied with the support I have received from them, especially when I became very ill three years ago and was being overcharged and threatened by the hospital I had been admitted to. Throughout what was a very prolonged and difficult time IMG and Mr. Anthony gave me their full support and, thanks to them, a fair settlement was eventually reached between the two parties. I strongly advise that all expats living in Mexico get medical insurance and would not hesitate to recommend that they obtain it through Protexcare. I have always felt confident in Mr. Anthony's ability to answer questions promptly and accurately and IMG should be proud that he is their representative here. Sincerely, Anne K

Happy Client from San Miguel de Allende

( San Miguel de Allende )

Roger is the most caring person in the world I am so happy to have someone like him taking care of my insurances. He calls every year to make sure everything is going as it should be and not only once has he saved us big money by pointing out how to get the same cover for less money, thank you Roger Ramjet your our hero fighting for the nation...!!!

Thank you Roger and Protexcare!

( Satisfied customer! )

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