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Who is Protexplan


Protexcare is a branch of Protexplan, who has been helping expatriates with their medical insurance for over 20 years. The name comes from Protection Plan for Expatriates. We strive to offer the best products at the most affordable prices.

Protexplan started out as a fledgling business offering products tailored to expatriates living in Japan. We have since grown and expanded offering products to all people almost everywhere. The only people we cannot cover are those resident in the USA. This however does not affect a US citizen living outside the USA, and allows travel and evacuation to the USA for medical treatment, and to spend 6 months per year there.


Why Protexcare


At Protexcare we realize that working and traveling abroad can be an exciting experience. We also know that anything can happen while away from home, whether visiting on a short-term basis, or living abroad indefinitely. It’s important to be prepared for unexpected illness, injury, or a medical emergency. However, the reality is that traditional home country based medical plans simply are not designed for international cover, overseas assignment, or international travel.

We know that unexpected medical bills can ruin your life, we got in this business because we made a $250,000 trauma claim! We strive to make sure your medical insurance is of the highest quality and competitively priced. We would be honored to add you to our growing pool of satisfied clients. 

The service we offer is personal; we pride ourselves in our prompt response to questions and concerns.

All our plans have an “A+” Standard & Poors financial strength rating, meaning we are able to pay multi-million dollar claims if necessary.


About your agent


Roger Anthony is a U.S. citizen expatriate living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Roger is not only an agent but also a very satisfied client of the IMG Global Fusion Gold Plus plan.

He purchased the IMG Global Fusion Gold Plus plan from Protexplan insurance after his relocation from Arizona to Mexico.

While on a visit to Arizona a 1200 pound horse he was riding fell on him! The horse shattered his pelvis and broke several ribs, which required extensive time in the hospital where he acquired various bolts, nuts, plates, and screws, along with about a $250,000 medical bill.

He was so impressed with the quality of service that he received from IMG and Protexplan in this tragic experience that he inquired about working for the company. And now he’s an agent, representing IMG and other companies providing international medical insurance to expats worldwide.

Having had to go through all the processes himself, he has an extensive understanding of how his products work and has put this knowledge to the service of his clients. 

He is very involved with his clients, guiding them through every step of acquiring the perfect policy for their needs and when a problem arises he is right there making sure that his clients receive the best service from the insurer.



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Protexcare has you covered, contact us today for a personalized quotation!