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Protexcare, by Protexplan, is administered by International Medical Group (IMG), with offices in the U.S. and Europe, and is backed by a worldwide network of hospitals.

IMG GLobal Fusion is a branch of IMG IMG handles all their own claims and emergency assistance services from their U.S. and European offices, and they have their own doctors and nurses available 24/7 to assist with medical emergencies or evacuation. Just in the United States alone they have direct billing links with more than 4,000 hospitals and there are 200,000 clinics and doctors in the U.S. within their Preferred Provider Organization.

IMG is underwritten in London by the British subsidiary of the Swedish firm Sirius International Insurance. Sirius is very sound, with a financial strength ratings of A- by Standard and Poors, and an “A” (Excellent) rating by A.M. Best. Sirius has offices around the world and is part of the White Mountains Insurance Group, a large reinsurer with market capitalization in excess of U.S. $4 billion

Anybody younger than 75 is eligible provided they are not Americans or Canadians living in their own country more than six months in a year. Policies are for one year, renew automatically and for life. Knowing that their product deals with a highly mobile clientele, they send out statements by email and you can pay online.

You can apply online and get same day coverage if you pay by credit card or you can download an application, print it, fill it out and email it to You can pay by annually by credit card, check, postal money order, or bank draft in dollars. You can only pay monthly or quarterly or semiannually with a credit card. You will receive a plastic membership ID card for your wallet with your policy number and expire date. On the back of the card are the contact numbers for IMG assistance emergency response in the event of a problem. You will also receive a certificate of insurance, the policy wording, claim forms and procedures.

Premiums don’t change much from year to year, and they’ve only had one 7% increase in the last five years. 

You can cancel and get a full refund within 15 days of starting, or if you are claim free, you can get a pro rata refund anytime.

You also get what is called compassionate travel benefits, which is a $3000 benefit that pays you to go home if an immediate family member under 75 dies unexpectedly, or becomes terminally ill. It also allows an immediate family member to come to your bedside if you become hospitalized. Under the medical evacuation benefit, reasonable transportation costs for an accompanying person will be paid if deemed necessary by IMG Assistance. In all circumstances these benefits must be pre-authorized and coordinated by the IMG Assistance.

We offer mainly three levels of coverage with IMG Global Fusion called Bronze, Silver, and Gold Plus and Travel insurance for short term travels. Bronze is inexpensive hospital only coverage, Silver is a hospital and outpatient plan and Gold Plus adds maternity, psychiatric care and organ transplant benefits. Most of our clients prefer the mid level, Silver plan.

IMG Global Fusion Summary of Benefits

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