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About Morgan White Group

MWG International is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the most efficient and trusted third party claims administrators in the international health insurance arena. MWG International continues to meet the ever-growing challenges and demands for quality and cost-effective major medical health insurance in the Latin America and Caribbean markets. By providing innovative products, our clients receive quality benefits, competitive prices, stable reinsurance, and unparalleled service.


Who is the Administrator?

Located in Miami, Florida, the Morgan-White Group serving as principal administrator of health insurance claims for Latin America and the Caribbean. MWG is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the most efficient and reliable claims managers in the international health insurance business. With highly qualified doctors as part of the team claims are processed quickly. An extensive network of hospitals and clinics providing first class medical services in Latin America, the Caribbean and the U.S.A. allows customers to seek exceptional medical care worldwide. MWG continues to face the ever growing challenges in the international health insurance market and meet the demands for quality and cost effective health insurance in Latin America and the Caribbean with innovative products that offer quality benefits, competitive prices, stable insurance, and incomparable service for our customers.


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Who is the insurer?

AmFirst Insurance Company, Ltd. is a Bermuda based insurer licensed and sanctioned by the Bermuda Monetary Authority in January of 2005. Prior to 2005, all of the international medical plans administered by Morgan-White Administrators International, Inc. (MWAII) were underwritten by AmFirst Insurance Company of Oklahoma. Both AmFirst, Ltd. and AmFirst of Oklahoma are wholly owned subsidiaries of AmFirst Holdings, Inc. In June of 2008 AmFirst of Oklahoma received a “B+” (Good) rating from A.M. Best, the internationally recognized insurance rating firm. Amfirst, Ltd would not be eligible for the A.M Best classification until being at least 6 years old. In January 2005, all the international medical policies administered by MWAII were transferred to Amfirst, Ltd. in Bermuda. Amfirst, Ltd is reinsured by world class reinsurers. This gives AmFirst, Ltd.’s customers the peace of mind that their insurance policies have some of the top security the world has to offer.


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Who is the re-insurer?

Lloyd’s is the worlds best known, but probably least understood insurance brand. This is because Lloyd’s is not an insurance company but a society of members, both corporate and individual, who underwrite in syndicates on whose behalf professional underwriters accept risk. The risks posed to insurers arise from brokers and intermediaries worldwide. Together, the underwriting syndicates at Lloyd’s are one of the largest commercial insurers in the world and a leading re-insurer. The market structure encourages innovation, speed and better value, making it attractive to policy- holders and participants alike. Lloyd’s covers the most complex and specialized risks in the world, from oil rigs to celebrity body parts, from major airlines to the world’s biggest banks and sporting events. Insurance is determined by its members, who provide the financial support which acts as collateral to ensure that the policyholder’s claims are paid promptly.

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