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Roger Anthony:

This is a self-testimony to buying insurance. I had an accident riding horseback that resulted in a pelvis fractured in 20 places, 6 broken ribs, and a punctured lung. I was bleeding out and would have died if I hadn't been evacuated directly by air ambulance to an ICU where I spent a month in hospital and had 3 surgeries for trauma. I then needed 2 additional months recuperation in a rest home. There were a few snags with the claim that put incredible stress on me. Fortunately, I had an agent that helped me resolve the problems with the insurer to my satisfaction. This assistance inspired me to be an agent above and beyond the call of duty resident in Mexico. My agent mentored me into the business 15 years ago, and I have been happy with my new vocation ever since. It's all about helping people, and it's all about knowing the right people to call in the insurance company upper management at the highest levels. I don't take no for an answer. That persistence is what I bring to the table for my clients.

Anne K:

I have been insured with International Medical Group (IMG Europe) for approximately eight years through their Agent in Mexico - Mr. Roger Anthony. During this time, I have been extremely satisfied with their support, especially when I became very ill three years ago and was being overcharged and threatened by the hospital I had been admitted to.
Throughout what was a very prolonged and difficult time, IMG and Mr. Anthony gave me their full support and thanks to them, a fair settlement was eventually reached, and I didn't have to pay extra.
I strongly advise that all expats living in Mexico get medical insurance and would not hesitate to recommend they obtain it through Roger Anthony. I have always felt confident in Mr. Anthony's ability to answer questions promptly and accurately. IMG Europe should be proud that he is their representative here.

Sincerely, Anne K
San Miguel de Allende

Alexander S PhD:

Roger is far more than an agent who sells health insurance. Recently, I had to have major surgery while traveling in a country where I did not speak the language. Roger was indispensable in helping me navigate the maze of medical paperwork in a foreign language, a lengthy series of financial charges, and communication with the insurer's authorization and claims review bureaucracy. Throughout the process, Roger took the initiative, stayed in touch with me, and followed through with various medical authorizations and insurer payments. Roger’s attention to detail, faithful support and follow through, allowed me to keep focused on healing. What a gift he was. On five star scale, Roger gets a six!

Yours truly, Alexander S PhD
Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

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